Colours of Nepal

Nepal is one of the poorer nations in the world, but in spirituality, humility and beauty they are one of the richest.  

The items we have here have been handmade by Nepali women, many of whom are uneducated and considered to be from the lower strata of society.  The industry is made up of 90% female workers and is seen as an opportunity for women to  earn a living and create some form of independence.   The dyed lamb's wool is imported from New Zealand and the women then process that into felt that is in turn used to make the lovingly hand-crafted products.

An selection of Felt Crafts from the beautiful country of Nepal.  Crafters using 100% natural wool imported from New Zealand wool manufacture the felt as well as the products from the Felt.

We bring the products to you from Thamel, Katmandhu, Nepal - happily made by the gentle-natured, smiling Nepali people.