Amrita Bhringraj Powder - 50g
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Amrita Bhringraj Powder - 50g

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Bhringraj is famous in India for its use as a natural hair tonic. A primary ingredient in most Ayurvedic hair oils, Bhringraj promotes strong, healthy hair growth and helps to maintain the natural color and luster of hair. It is one of the best rejuvenating for pitta and has a special affinity for the head. Bhringraj promotes healthy nails, bones, teeth, and a clear complexion. It calms the mind, bolsters the memory, and supports healthy eyes and ears.

  • Promotes strong, and healthy hair growth.
  • Helps maintain the hair's natural color and luster.
  • Helps in maintaining the moisture and reducing dead cells.

Directions to Use:

  • Take the required amount of Bhringraj Powder in a bowl.
  • Add water and form a fine paste. Make sure there are no lumps in it and it is smooth to apply.
  • Apply it evenly on your hair and wait for 30-45 minutes to dry.
  • Wash with normal water once it dries